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Whistlestop Half Marathon

The first race in the BTC Triple Crown Half Marathon Challenge is almost upon us: the brand-new Whistlestop Half Marathon.

Check out all the details including the just-released Course Map from race organizer, Team Magic.


The Vulcan Runner

This month, we are again pleased to provide both a .PDF version and a fully digital version of The Vulcan Runner for our readers.  The digital version is being tested, so please let us know what you think!  

Both versions are now open access (no password needed!) and available to everyone.  Please forward your favorite articles, share on social media, and help us promote the BTC!


Enjoy the September edition of The Vulcan Runner 



Feets of Strength

The BTC has an amazing group of members, so we would like to recognize your accomplishments.

We are starting a new feature in the monthly newsletter called "Feets of Strength" which will allow us to showcase your running-related achievements. Tell us about your recent 5K, your longest training run, your amazing PR, your awesome trail run, your latest obstacle race, etc. If it's running-related, we want to know about it!

Simply fill out the short form at the link below.


Submit a Race to the BTC Calendar

To submit a race to the BTC Race Calendar, simply fill out this easy form.


Vulcan Run 10K Countdown



2015 Vulcan Run - Update

Vulcan Run 10K is offering something new this year: Team Competition.

There will be 3 types of Teams:

  • Co-Ed: Must have at least 1 member of the opposite gender on the team, all 5 must complete the 10K
  • All Male: 5 Male members of the team must sign up and complete the 10K
  • All Female: 5 Female members of the team must sign up and complete the 10K


Birmingham & Over the Mountain Water Stops

Hydration is important at all times of the year. Want to stay hydrated but dislike carrying a water bottle? Don't want to set out water along your route? Check out this map showing some of the water fountains and water coolers in Birmingham and the Over the Mountain area. 


7 Bridges Marathon & 4 Bridges Half Marathon

Every year the BTC picks a fall race as a target for all of our summer training. This year we are pleased to announce that we will be targeting the 7 Bridges Full & the 4 Bridges Half Marathon on October 18th in Chattanooga.

Join the BTC Saturday Morning Long Run Group as we train for the full or half marathon. 

Training for the full marathon begins Saturday, June 13; training for the half marathon begins Saturday, June 27.


BTC Triple Crown 2015

The BTC Triple Crown Half Marathon Challenge is back for another year!

We have included 2 different races in our schedule this year. Our first stop is a brand new race right here in Birmingham, the Whistlestop Half on 9/26. We then travel to Chattanooga for the 4 Bridges Half Marathon on 10/18 (in conjunction with the 7 Bridges Marathon). Finally, we come back to town for our now traditional final race, the Magic CIty Half on 11/23.

You may run the 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga (instead of the 4 Bridges Half) and still qualify for the Triple Crown.

Sign up for the Triple Crown to receive an awesome shirt and medal. Last year we had 74 BTC members successfully complete the challenge. Let's top that this year!

Reminders: (1) You must be a BTC member to participate. Join now!  (2) You must still register for each race on your own.

1. Whistlestop Half Marathon -- in Irondale, AL, on September 26th (15% off registration until June 30th, 10% off from then until race day for BTC Members). 
2. 4 Bridges Half Marathon -- in Chattanooga, TN, on October 18th (15% discount to BTC Members).  
3. Magic City Half Marathon -- in Birmingham, AL on November 23rd (10% discount to BTC Members) .

For more information, click the link below.



Follow the BTC on Instagram: @runbtc

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Tuesday Night Trails

Tuesday Night Trails is back for its 4th season! Hangout with Alabama Outdoors every Tuesday night from March 31st to October 27th for a series of group trail runs at Red Mountain Park.







RRCA Buyer Beware Tips

As the popularity of running continues to grow, so does the number of events held each year around the country.  This is a good thing for our sport; however, as with all growth industries, there are inevitably going to be a few bad apples that can spoil a barrel, as the old saying goes.

As more and more events are launched, the RRCA Board of Directors offers the following advice to help runners intelligently pick events, especially if you are looking for a great out-of-town event to run that also happens to be a new event.


Etiquette for Runners

In the interest of promoting an enjoyable running and racing experience for everyone, the Road Runners Club of America encourages good runners’ etiquette. Whether running in a group or running alone, always follow the RRCA Safety Guidelines.

Whatever the pace, wherever the race, manners matter.


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