The Birmingham Track Club Welcomes You!  

Whether you are a new Birmingham resident or visiting for a short time and whether you are an experienced or beginner runner, the Birmingham Track Club (BTC) will help you reach your running goals! The BTC provides opportunities to meet other runners and find running and training partners and groups that are at your desired training level.

If you are new to running , you'll benefit from all of the above. You'll also receive information and training that will nurture your passion for a running lifestyle. All BTC sponsored socials, runs or races are open to both Birmingham Track Club members and non-members. We encourage our members to partcipate in these events and support new runners, sharing with them their experiences, successes, and even failures.

BTC weekly runs are varied and designed to allow many different running levels to participate simultaneously. Each Saturday, the BTC offers a  Long Run (8-22 miles) and a Moderate Run (3-7 miles). There are "run captains" at each BTC run who know the routes and are available to assist you with pacing or any questions you may have. No runners are ever left behind while running, and no embarrassing attention is given to anyone.  


Running Tips

  • Research has shown that the metabolism can remain at its highest level for up to 17 hours following high intensity exercise! Who's hungry?

  • Set a goal. When you take up running ... changes will come. Plan for them. One of our past "Couch to 10K" participants (and there are many like him) was told by his M.D. that he was over-weight, had high blood pressure and would not live to see 45. Ouch! So he started with the Couch Program and now, well, he had to keep running because so many women were chasing him; and yes he got caught.

  • If have gotten a little blister or other hot spot from your shoe, check out the socks you are wearing. If they are those thick cotton socks, then they are just absorbing and holding sweat like a towel. Before you blame your shoes try some alternate socks, preferably cool-max type socks as they will wick away sweat which will cause it to evaporate easier.

  • Just a light glaze of Vaseline will prevent blisters on any hot spot. Blisters come from friction and Vaseline eliminates the friction. Same thing if you are chafing a little between your thighs. As you sweat and it gets absorbed into your shorts that rubs in the area, again Vaseline will help.

  • Ladies if your jog bra is rubbing you on your breast plate, which is not uncommon at all, the bottom of your jog bra a line almost dead center of your chest, a little Vaseline will help that as well.

As you become more aware of Birmingham's area running community, you are encouraged to become a member of the Birmingham Track Club to enhance your running lifestyle. If you have any questions on becoming a BTC member that aren't answered on the membership webpage, contact us at