Hotter 'N Hell Trail Run 18mi & 9 mi


Now we get to the "Real Fun"

Things get a little harder with race 4 of the Southeastern Trail Series, Hotter ' N Hell. We increase the distance, but not too much, only to 9 and 18 miles.  We throw in a few more climbs, but not too many.  And we mix in a new factor, HEAT!  This one makes it tough.  The key factor here in drink a lot of water and use Tailwind. If you don't use Tailwind you will have to take electrolytes to finish this one. We even add an extra aid station up near Peavine Falls. Please remember OMSP charges $5 per person to enter the park. Try to have the correct change, it makes things easier. "You are ready for this. You can do it."
Both races start at 7:30 AM

Weekend Schedule

Friday, July 14th - 4:30 to 6:00 PM - Race Packet Pickup and Late Registration at Mountain High Outfitters Cahaba Village Store on Hwy 280, by Whole Foods. The address is 2800 Cahaba Village Plaza, Suite 250, Birmingham, AL 35243.

Saturday, July 15th - 6:30 to 7:15 AM - Race Packet Pickup and Late Registration at the Cedar Pavilion at Oak Mountain State Park. The pavilion is located at the far southwest end of Double Oak Lake, at the end of Terrace Drive.

Saturday July 15th - 7:30 AM - Start of the 9 and 18 Mile Races (This is a change from 2106)