Blood Rock 50K & 25K -- BTC DISCOUNT

Weekend Schedule

Friday, December 1st – 4:00 to 6:00 PM: Packet Pickup well be held at the Redbud Pavilion, Start/Finish location on Tranquility Road at Oak Mountain State Park. Tell the park official at the entrance you are running Blood Rock and here to get you race packet and you will not be charged Friday. There will be NO Late Registration Friday night or Saturday Morning.

Saturday, December 2nd – 5:30 to 6:15 AM: Runners must enter the park thorough the South Gate near I 65 Saturday Morning.
Race Packets may be picked up at the Redbud Pavilion on Tranquility Rd. location of the start and finish before the start. There will be NO Late Registration Saturday Morning. The fee to enter Oak Mtn State Park is $5 per person. Please try to have correct change at the gate. Credit cards are not accepted but there is an ATM at the entrance.

Saturday, December 2nd – 6:30: Start of the Blood Rock 50K and 25K races.

Blood Rock 50K

Blood Rock 50K Trail Race is part of the final race in the 2017 Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series. The race will take place at Oak Mountain State Park, starting at Redbud Pavilion, adjacent to the BMX Track on Tranquility Road. The race will start at 6:30 AM. (Sunrise on the 19th is 6:39 AM and sunset is 4:40 PM.) The 50K course will be a single loop course circling most of the park. The course is similar to the 2016 race route. 50K runners will 1st run the "Backcountry" section then return to Redbud Aid Station. Next they will then climb Double Oak Mountain on the way to the Terrace Aid Station located cross from Dogwood Pavilion. From there, runners will climb up to Peavine Falls and return to the Finish along the Ridge of Double Oak Mountain on the Blue Trail. Aid Stations will range between 3 miles and 7 miles. Course map is located on the Website.

Blood Rock 25K

The Blood Rock 25K will start at the at the Redbud Pavilion, adjacent to the BMX Track, on Tranquility Road at 6:30 AM along with the 50K. (Sunrise on the 19th is 6:39 AM and sunset is 4:40 PM.) The 25K runners will follow the same route as the 50K. The 25K will end when runners arrive back at Redbud.