Guest Blog: "Still Running and Still Learning"

BTC Guest Blogger, Al Dimicco, writes about his experiences and observations on the roads and trails on his blog. RUNNING WITH AL is a weekly (somewhat) training / motivational / informational journey through the mind of a 3 decade Alabama marathoner and ultra-marathoner sharing things that worked and sadly didn't during his training and racing. His recent post "Still Running and Still Learning" describes lessons he has recently learned even after years of running.

"I've often said that I'm not one for writing or reading race reports. It is just so very difficult to transcend the feeling of the writer/runner to the reader...yada, yada, heavy legs, yada, yada, uphill, yada, yada, sun going down...and so on. Let's face it, MOST race reports are extremely important to the writer, but they are pretty boring to read all the way through, so I won't start here. But, last weekend, I ran the Run4Kids 50k at Oak Mountain in miserable conditions. Those of you that read my blog regularly might remember (yeah, right!) that it was this race last year that I re-entered the ultra scene after a 6 year hiatus due to rusty ankles (If for some reason you want to read that post, here it is). The ankles are still rusty, but in the past 12 months, I have managed to run finish 3 50k's, one tough trail marathon, and a road marathon....

Although I've been running these races for about a hundred years, I'm still learning things along the way. Here's a couple of thoughts I came away with (at least ones I remember a week later)..."


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