Guest Blog: "Alleviating Achilles Pain 101"

BTC Guest Blogger, Lisa Booher (a.k.a. "Yo Momma Runs"), writes about life as a running mom. On her blog, Yo Momma Runs, she posts about recent races, gear and product reviews, healthy cooking/eating, and about the running lifestyle in general. Her blog posts are informative and entertaining. Her recent post "Alleviating Achilles Pain 101" offers tips on how to deal with this common running ailment. 

"After my most recent 50K, the outside edge of my right Achilles felt extremely sore. For several days after the race, it was hard to walk and much easier just to drag my foot behind me without flexing my foot and stretching the achy Achilles. So at home, I did a lot of foot dragging, although when in public, I tried to toughen up a notch and walk straight.

I talked to my doctor, coach, and tons of other runners about the pain and have been implementing a few things that I gleaned from my search for an answer to pain alleviation and prevention. So far, so good. The soreness is pretty much gone, but I'm still trying to be cautious with it to make sure it doesn't creep back in.

So here's my list of Achilles helps.

1. Rest ... "

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