Guest Blog: "Peavine Falls Run 2012"

For this week's BTC Guest Blog, we look back at Peavine Falls Run 2012 through the eyes and words of blogger, Lisa Booher (Yo Momma Runs). She recounts her experiences from last year's Peavine Falls Run. The race is just around the corner, so sign up today. Hopefully, this blog post will inspire and prepare us for this year's challenge. 

"Peavine Falls Run is 8.2 miles which include a straight uphill climb with, what felt like, very few respites of flatness and then a slingshot at the top to blow you right back down that hill you just conquered (that's if you have a liberal definition of that word). And just for funsies, they throw in a 1.2-mile patch of trail at the end in case all the downhill didn't make you wet your pants bad enough already.

Being new to the area, I haven't heard of this race before, but it's been around for over 30 years. Apparently, our people, meaning runners, enjoy torture. And the cheaper the torture, the better. From the results online, it looks like around 500 people registered. For an offbeat race distance on a pretty h*!!ish route, that's a heck of a lot of folks, especially if they already know what they are getting themselves into with this race..."



To read the rest of Lisa's blog post, click HERE.