Guest Blog: "The Date, The City, The Cure."


Today's BTC Guest Blog is from the blogsite, Grasping for Objectivity, written by a 31 year old Mom of two kids in Birmingham who uses naptime to work from home (as an accountant) and blog on three different sites. In recent years she discovered that she had an unquenchable passion – nay, obsession – with attempting to entertain via blogging.  Her recent post  "The Date, The City, The Cure." describes a running/walking adventure taken with her husband with a beautiful reward.


"Any date that contains a moment like this is clearly a most remarkable one.

But it didn’t start out that way.

On Thursday, I was fighting a losing battle with anxiety. Thanks to my over-analytical personality (disorder), anxiety is something that I struggle with in varying intensities from time to time. And it’s not like I had anything legitimate to be anxious about – my mind was just set on being anxious. And every time I solved its problem, the stupid thing would latch onto something else that wasn’t worthy of worry...

To give myself something to look forward to and focus on, I texted Chris and asked him out on a date for the next night. He agreed, then immediately seized the planning.
He wanted to take a ten mile walk. And eat casually afterward (while still sweaty). And did I mention ten miles??..."


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