My BTC Run -- #myBTCrun

The new "My BTC Run" feature will showcase photos of our favorite places to run around Birmingham (and beyond). 


Birmingham Track Club members can submit their own photos in several ways. Use the hashtag #myBTCrun to let us know you are sharing with the BTC.


1. Facebook -- post a photo (or 2 or 3!) from your favorite run on the BTC Facebook page. Use the hashtag #myBTCrun 

2. Twitter -- post photo(s) with your tweet using the hashtag #myBTCrun

3. Instagram -- post photo(s) using the hashtag #myBTCrun


On Twitter and Instagram, you can do a search for #myBTCrun to see pictures that have been posted.


My BTC Run -- Vestavia Drive, Vestavia

There's no avoiding running hills to get to the top of Shades Crest between Montgomery Highway and Vestavia Hills Baptist Church. But the reward is worth the effort. There are spectacular views of Homewood and Mountain Brook as you look out over Shades Valley. Across the valley, you can see Vulcan standing guard on top of Red Mountain. You can even catch a glimpse of some of the taller buildings of downtown Birmingham peeking over the top of the mountain.


Top of Shades Crest along Vestavia Drive.



View from Shades Crest looking north over Shades Valley toward Vulcan atop Red Mountain.