Places to Run in Birmingham

There are amazing and interesting places to run in the Birmingham metro area. See the interactive map and descriptions below.


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BTC Saturday Long Run Training Group for Marathons and Half Marathons

The BTC Long Run Group is a group of runners that began training together in 2006. Each year they pick a goal Marathon/Half Marathon in the fall and train together. Saturday morning routes and water stops are coordinated by the BTC with members dropping water along the route. Paces range from 8:00 to 12:00. Distances for Saturday morning runs range from 8 to 22 miles. This is not a group for beginners. The BTC Long Run Group is an open group. There is an e-mail list maintained by the BTC that you can request to be on. Email the Long Run Coordinator or visit the group's Facebook page for information.

Updated: 01/17/18


BTC Saturday Morning Moderate Distance Run

Birmingham Track Club organized Saturday morning moderate distance run (3.5 - 7 miles typically) for new runners wanting to increase their distances or existing runners wanting a group to run with but not interested in longer mileage. Check them out on Facebook for more information.

Updated: 01/17/18


Railroad Park

A variety of walking trails accommodate runners, walkers, and casual meanderers, including the Magic City Loop (3/4 mile), Rail Trail (1/3 mile), Powell Avenue Promenade (1/3 mile), and Limestone Trace (1/2 mile). A variety of walking trails accommodate runners, walkers, and casual meanderers, including the Magic City Loop (3/4 mile), Rail Trail (1/3 mile), Powell Avenue Promenade (1/3 mile), and Limestone Trace (1/2 mile).
About the Park

Railroad Park Map (pdf)

Updated 01/27/18


Rotary Trail

Birmingham's much anticipated Rotary Trail opened April 2016. At its entrance, the trail features a 46-foot-tall sign which reads: "Rotary Trail in the Magic City." It is modeled after the historical "Birmingham the Magic City" sign.

1.09 mile trail (one way)

Updated 01/27/18


Vulcan Trail

Birmingham's mile-long Vulcan Trail scales the ridge of 1,025-foot Red Mountain. In summer, the tree-lined trail offers cool respite from the heat, while bare winter trees yield city views. Best of all, it takes little effort to enjoy this breathtaking scenery; like most rail-trails, the route is flat. 
The paved surface is especially inviting for walkers, joggers and those taking pets for a stroll. The route runs below 10-acre Vulcan Park, home to the world's largest cast-iron statue and trail/park namesake.

2.0 mile trail (out and back)

Updated 08/03/18


Lakeshore Trail / Shades Creek Greenway

One of the most popular trails in Birmingham. The Lakeshore Trail (officially known as the Shades Creek Greenway) is located in Homewood along Lakeshore Parkway. The paved trail offers 2.5 miles of flat, paved surface without the worry of motor vehicles. The trail runs from Brookwood Blvd near Highway 31 (next to Target) to Greensprings Highway/Columbiana Road (near the Homewood Soccer Park). There are water fountains and parking spaces at both ends of the trail. 

2.5 mile route (5.0 miles out and back)

Updated: 01/17/18


Mountain Brook Village

5-mile Loop from Regions Bank parking lot

6-mile Loop from Regions Bank parking lot

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Downtown Homewood 

The Wednesday evening run from The Trak Shak in Homewood is a popular weekly event.  It begins at 5:30PM and there are 3, 5, and 8.5 mile routes.

Trak Shak Wednesday 3-Mile Route

Trak Shak Wednesday 5-Mile Route

Updated: 01/17/18


Many runners begin their weekend long run from the National Bank of Commerce parking lot at 813 Shades Creek Parkway (Shades Creek Parkway and Highway 280 just east of the Brookwood Village Mall.)  

Lakeshore to Homewood to English Village to Mtn Brook Village - 10-Mile Route

NBC (Brownell) 16-Mile Route

Updated: 01/17/18


Jemison Park (Mountain Brook)

Updated 01/27/18


Irondale Furnace Trail

1.34 mile out and back route

Updated 01/27/18


Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

The Gardens encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a wonderful location for your walking/jogging routine. To make it easier, we have plotted a 2 mile trail. 

View our Walking/Jogging Trail Map:

Updated 01/27/18


Inverness Nature Park & Trail

This park has a greenway with a 1.8 mile walking trail and a disc golf course. It is located on 77 acres in North Shelby County near Lake Heather and Highway 280. 


Updated 01/27/18


Veterans Park (Hoover)

This park has a 5K cross country trail and a walking/ running trail. 

3.1 mile / 5K route

Updated 01/27/18


Heardmont Park

Heardmont Park covers seventy-four acres which includes the Oak Mountain High School Football Stadium with rubberized track and walking trails.


Updated 01/27/18


Veterans Park (Alabaster)

Walking Trails: 2 miles of lighted trails. Bicycles are allowed.

Running trail map


Updated 01/27/18


Hillsboro Trail (Helena)

The Hillsboro Trail contains over 3 miles of trail. The majority of the trail is paved and constructed on an old rail bed with three pedestrian tunnels and bridges making it ideal for walking, jogging and cycling. Many scenic and recreational opportunities will be found along the trail with overlooks and viewing areas. The tunnels and bridges provide safe passages beneath and above local roadways offering safe routes for both adults and children to schools, parks and commercial areas.
The Northern portion of the trail is accessible at the Appleford development off of County Highway 52 with access to County Road 91 and Helena Middle School. 
Updated 01/27/18


Trail Running: visit the BTC Trail Running page.


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