Places to Run in Birmingham

There are regular days, times, and places where runners meet in Birmingham.  Whether you are new to Birmingham, new to running, or visiting our Magic City you can find runners around town on these routes.  Visit the Group Runs Page for more information about the groups referenced below.

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BTC Saturday Long Run Training Group for Marathons and Half Marathons

The BTC Long Run Group is a group of runners that began training together in 2006. Each year they pick a goal Marathon/Half Marathon in the fall and train together. Saturday morning routes and water stops are coordinated by the BTC with members dropping water along the route. Paces range from 8:00 to 12:00. Distances for Saturday morning runs range from 8 to 22 miles. This is not a group for beginners. The BTC Long Run Group is an open group. There is an e-mail list maintained by the BTC that you can request to be on. Monica Henley heads up the weekely runs. You can email her here or visit the group's Facebook page for information.


BTC Saturday Morning Moderate Distance Run

Birmingham Track Club organized Saturday morning moderate distance run (3.5 - 7 miles typically) for new runners wanting to increase their distances or existing runners wanting a group to run with but not interested in longer mileage. Contact the Moderate Run Coordinator, Mark Criswell, or check them out on Facebook for more information.


The Village Runners meet at the parking lot of The Western Supermarket in Mountain Brook Village.  Groups typically start on weekdays between 5AM and 5:30AM.  There are many routes.  Here are a few.  They welcome all runners – the more the merrier!  Find them on Facebook or email Dave or Randy

5-mile Loop from the Western Supermarket

6-mile Loop from the Western Supermarket


The Regular Runners meet on Thursdays at 4:45am at Next Total Fitness at 3447 Lorna Road.  They also run intervals on Tuesday mornings at the track at Hoover High School.  For more information send a message to David,  Harry, or Jay.

Hoover 6-mile Loop


The Wednesday evening run from The Trak Shak in Homewood is a popular weekly event.  It begins at 5:30PM and there are 3, 5, and 8.5 mile routes.

Trak Shak Wednesday 3-Mile Route

Trak Shak Wednesday 5-Mile Route


For great trail runs visit Red Mountain Park, Ruffner Mountain, and Oak Mountain Park.

Red Mountain Park Trail Map

Ruffner Mountain Trail Maps

Oak Mountain State Park Trails


Many runners begin their weekend long run from the National Bank of Commerce parking lot at 813 Shades Creek Parkway (Shades Creek Parkway and Highway 280 just east of the Brookwood Village Mall.)  The Regular Runners usually start at 5AM on Saturdays, and Al Dimicco leads the Team in Training group on Sunday mornings at 6:30am.  Here are some of the common routes.  The routes traveled by these groups vary week to week depending on the training plan.

Lakeshore to Homewood to English Village to Mtn Brook Village - 10-Mile Route

NBC (Brownell) 16-Mile Route


Danny Haralson of Run University leads a group on Tuesdays @ 5:30AM from the Mountain Brook YMCA parking lot.  Contact Danny, visit the Run University's website or find them on Facebook orTwitter for more information.


Sunrise Run- 5.45 miles