RRCA Buyer Beware Tips


By: Jean Knaack, Executive Director, and the RRCA Board of Director

As the popularity of running continues to grow, so does the number of events held each year around the country.  This is a good thing for our sport; however, as with all growth industries, there are inevitably going to be a few bad apples that can spoil a barrel, as the old saying goes.

The RRCA has worked for over 54-years to promote safe and enjoyable events for runners, and there is nothing more frustrating than hearing stories about race promoters that sell entry fees only to cancel their race with minimal notice, provide no refunds, and only vague excuses or false information as to why the event has been cancelled or postponed.  We aren’t talking about races that are cancelled or postponed due to emergency weather conditions, acts of God, or other emergencies on or near the course.  Bad weather and accidents happen and are completely out of a race director’s control. We are referring to races that are canceled or postponed, because the event owners haven’t done due diligence in the organization of their event, and the runner is the one that looses as an end result.

As more and more events are launched, the RRCA Board of Directors offers the following advice to help runners intelligently pick events, especially if you are looking for a great out-of-town event to run that also happens to be a new event.

These tips first appeared in the 2012 Summer issue of Club Running magazine